30 Ft Island Hopper

Čoln Podrobnosti

Dolžina 30 ft
Hitrost 84.6 Knots

30 Ft Island Hopper a monohulled boat manufactured by Cummins, Tampa FL. With her 84.6 Knots speed, she makes it feasible for you to get at your destination promptly.

She provides the utmost comfort - a perfect choice to relax and enjoy quality time with your family or friends onboard. Join us on this one-of-a-kind, adventurous, and enjoyable motorboat for 6 passengers.

MEASUREMENT: Length 30 Feet, Width 12 Feet.

FEATURES - AMENITIES & EQUIPMENT ONBOARD: Safety Equipment, Life Jackets, Marine Head, Partially Shaded.

ABOUT CREW: Very friendly and professional crew. They will give you live commentary during the cruise about whales, dolphins, and other wildlife!

Podrobnosti o potovanju

30 Ft Island Hopper enokrilni čoln proizvajalca Cummins, Tampa FL. S hitrostjo 84,6 vozlov vam omogoča, da takoj pridete na cilj.

Zagotavlja izjemno udobje - odlična izbira za sprostitev in prijeten čas s svojo družino ali prijatelji na krovu. Pridružite se nam na tem edinstvenem, pustolovskem in prijetnem motornem čolnu za 6 potnikov.

MERITEV: Dolžina 30 čevljev, širina 12 čevljev.

ZNAČILNOSTI - PRIHODNOSTI IN OPREMA NA KARTI: Zaščitna oprema, rešilni jopiči, glava morja, delno zasenčena.

VRSTA IZLETA NUDIMO: 3 ½ urne ekskurzije za opazovanje kitov in ogled avtohtonih kitov Dominike!

O posadki: Zelo prijazna in profesionalna posadka. Med križarjenjem vam bodo v živo komentirali kite, delfine in druge prosto živeče živali!

3 ½ hour whale watching excursion to see Dominica’s indigenous sperm whales!

  • $575 USD
  • TOUR DESCRIPTION: a fascinating and natural water safari to aid our guides in finding these warm-blooded marine mammals (whales and dolphins) off Dominica's shore.

    To start your search, we will cruise around 3 to 8 miles offshore. The boat will be stopped at intervals and a directional hydrophone will be replaced in the water.

    You can hear the rhythmic click of the Sperm whales when they are present. Please note that the minimum distance to approach the whales is approximately 160 feet and the captain will maneuver the boat to get good views. By taking fabulous photos, you can capture these wonderful memories!

    The deep waters around Dominica are a natural breeding ground for the sperm whale and various dolphin species.

    The most frequently seen one are Sperm, Pilot and False Killer whales as well as Spotted, Spinner and Pantropical dolphins. But not everybody's guarantees.

    INCLUDED: 3 ½ hours rent with Taxes and Water, Fruit Juice, Rum Punch.