47 Ft Power Catamaran

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Uzunluğu 47 ft

We have the boat and crew to accommodate your gathering whether you're looking to hire a boat for a private charter, sunset cruise, or private party.

Call us or email us for the price and to schedule/reserve the trip.

Completely equipped diving boat. Oxygen, safety gear, a marine head, dive ladders, and a partially covered area are all included on our specially made boat.

A 47-foot/14-meter power catamaran that can accommodate 24 divers.

Our PADI divemasters or instructors, who are all very knowledgeable about the locations and the creature that inhabits there, lead dives.

Whatever your level of expertise and skill, scuba diving with us is well planned, courteous, and designed to optimize your safety and pleasure.

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  • $600 USD
  • Hourly Rate: US $200.00 + 15% tax

    Excluded: 15% tax

    Safety Guidelines:
    - The vessel is equipped to IMO specifications.
    - The vessel has a safety certificate and is registered.
    - The captain has specialized education training and holds a license.

    - 3-hours minimum rental.
    - Rates for a full day can be negotiated.
    - Reservations require a 50% deposit. Date and vessel confirmations won't be issued until the charter company has received the deposit and approved it.
    - Transfers are not the responsibility of the Charter Company.
    - Both you and the charter company must mutually agree on the Start and End points. The charter operator reserves the right to refuse start/endpoints.
    - A vessel may only dock at specific docks. Which, in various coastal communities/docks, will be advised by the charter operator. Some docks are privately or publicly run, although this may result in additional expenses that the charter firm will not bear.
    - The charter operator retains the right to cancel the charter for the reasons listed below, but not necessarily just those. weather, mechanical or engine issues, or other dangerous conditions brought by by civil instability.
    - Only crew members who hold valid licenses from the charter operator will operate the vessel.
    - Furthermore, there will be portable water available. All extras will be charged to the customer.
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